No need to worry about your WordPress website Updates, Backups, Uptime, or Security Monitoring again! Yes you can relinquish concerns over technical wordpress issues.

Benefit from continuous support and guidance by our devoted
Australian WordPress specialists.

Your WordPress website will be secure!

Our WordPress Maintenance Service efficiently manages technical upkeep for a reliable website. The MotionGalaxy team relieves tedious and risky tasks, empowering you to prioritize exceptional content and services.

With MotionGalaxy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is secure, monitored, optimized for peak performance, and benefiting from the latest WordPress technology releases. Plus, You’ll gain access to our amazing Australian WordPress Support at a discounted rate.

WordPress gurus on the case!

Our vigilant WordPress Maintenance officers proactively monitor your website, detecting issues such as downtime, security vulnerabilities, performance decline, and irregularities. With a deep understanding of your site setup, our team promptly takes action to restore normalcy.

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Save Money on Plugin Costs

We have Developer Licenses for many popular plugins – and can use these where possible to save you money. Many of our customers are effectively getting a huge discount on their website care plans.
Your possible yearly savings include:

Elementor Pro: $70   Crocoblock: $293   Gravity Forms: $87   Events Calendar: $146


Cloud Backups

Securing backups offsite is vital to ensure website data safety. In case of a major incident, a rollback could be the sole method to restore your site's online presence. Snug Site relies on a dependable and resilient Cloud Storage Infrastructure.

Uptime Monitoring

Experiencing website downtime, especially without your awareness, is highly undesirable. Our advanced website monitoring system promptly notifies us in such cases, enabling us to promptly assist you in getting your site back online.


Spam Comments, Trashed Items, Posts Revisions, and Database Overhead - these factors collectively contribute to the sluggishness and resource consumption of a WordPress website. Our aim is to maintain these elements at a practical and controllable level.

Keyword Rankings

Monitor the performance of your primary Keywords using a Site Visibility chart. Gain insights into competitors and track the ranking of local search results. We will identify and prioritize 10+ keyphrases for your attention.


Installing available updates for WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes is vital. These updates commonly address vulnerabilities or compatibility issues, while also bringing new features and code optimization that can benefit you.

Maintenace Reports

Expect a thorough monthly report highlighting the precise actions taken to guarantee your website's health, safety, and triumph. In addition, you'll gain insights into visitor trends, Keyword Rankings, Performance overview, and more essential information.

Performance Checks

Benchmark tests of your Website Performance and key page speed optimisation issues, will help you react when the website proves to be providing a diminished experience. Our Performance checks alert us if your site speed is critically slow.

Link Monitoring

Broken links on your website can adversely impact SEO and visitor experience. Our daily site check will identify any problematic links, equipping you with the necessary information to promptly address these issues.

Security Monitoring

We perform security scans on your website to detect known Malware, Blacklisting, Injected Spam, Vulnerable Software, and Defacement. Swift detection and resolution of these issues greatly benefit both you and your visitors.

License Management

We will handle the updating of your Premium Plugins and Themes, downloading them on your behalf. Additionally, we will take care of license renewals or cancellations as necessary, and leverage our industry contacts or special offers to ensure you receive the best prices.

Your Assistant

Take advantage of our exceptional Australian WordPress Support Service at a discounted rate. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you require any modifications or enhancements for your website. Our team address any of your concerns.

Best Plan?

If you're uncertain about the appropriate Maintenance Plan for your website, reach out to us for a discussion. We will understand your business and website requirements, and suggest the most fitting plan that aligns with your needs and budget.
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Hamish Boikov

May 10th, 2023
I setup up new brands regularly for my clients and MotionGalaxy have been my social media marketing and lead gen guys for a few years now. They really get the word out and help to get fresh leads in to the businesses i develop. I launch all my brands with the help of these guys. Highly recommended

Mai Ling

May 12th, 2023
MotionGalaxy really sent my clothing startup into orbit with their comprehensive SEO and social media marketing strtategy. Can not recommend them enough iof you have a start up and want tot get it off the ground , totally use this service.

Emily Hanson

May 15th, 2023
I highly recommend MotionGalaxy Social Media Marketing Agency to any salon owner looking to enhance their online presence. From the start, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry and crafted a tailored strategy that perfectly aligned with our brand. Their creativity in producing engaging content and their promptness in delivering results exceeded our expectations. Thanks to their efforts, our salon has experienced a significant increase in online visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, business growth. ABC Social Media Marketing Agency truly understands the power of social media and has proven to be an invaluable partner in our salon's success.

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Wordpress Support

Should any issues arise with your website in the future, rest assured that we are here to provide the necessary support to get you back on track. Instead of wasting your valuable time troubleshooting problems, reach out for an expert.

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At MotionGalaxy, our mission is to revolutionize the social media marketing landscape by harnessing the power of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.


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